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Antonio Vincenti lives in Tampa, FL. with his wife Gloria and their four amazing kids. He’s motivated by eternity and has a passion to inspire others to live passionately for Christ.

Antonio started in ministry preaching in the streets and prisons in 2001. From their, he has been involved in Church planting, ministering overseas and ministering online. Overall he desires to see others on fire for Jesus and the things of God.

Motivated by Eternity

Everything changes when Jesus enters one’s heart. I know it did for me. How you see everything totally takes on a new dimension. The scales fall off of your eye’s and it’s as you can truly see for the first time. Your heart becomes a river flooded by the desires of God. You then want everyone to encounter God and seek Him above all else.

My Story

I had a head-on collision with the love and power of God back in 2000. It was during that time I walked into a Church high on drugs and left high on Jesus. My life was touched by the anointing of God. From addiction, poverty, abuse, and the list goes on. To having my heart set ablaze for the things of God.


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About Us

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Motivated by Eternity

I’ll be speaking on How to Live Life Motivated by Eternity. There will be Q&A and time for interaction.