In 1999, Prophet Carlos Cepeda, not able to speak English, moved to The USA from Bogota, Colombia after being called by God to evangelize America; it was in the USA that he met his wife, Donna.  Carlos flows in the prophetic gifts and ministers the Word of God with miracles, healing, signs and wonders following. He was born again during the Colombian revival under Pastor Cesar Castellanos ministries.  He is called as an evangelist and many have been touched by the manifestation and presence of
God. God uses him in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit as needed including ministering deliverance. God uses him mightily to free those that are oppressed with spiritual problems. Carlos is also currently working toward his Bachelor degree at Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida USA

Donna is a native of South Carolina, USA. Before God called her into the ministry as an evangelist and revivalist, she was a Christian businesswoman working in international programs with a multibillion-dollar corporation. After catching the revival fire she has been determined to take that fire to others not only in America but around the world. After the call of God, she began to minister at a prison chapel. She has directly impacted the lives of many in prisons, and ministers deliverance to those outside of prison with spiritual problems yet are spiritual captives as well. Lives are transformed and renewed by the Word and Power of God. God uses her in teaching, healing, and deliverance.

Donna has also been trained as a certified TV Producer.  She and Carlos have had their own Christian TV show “Freedom Today” aired on TBCN, CTN, and CTNi, Christian Television Network International.  She has won awards for inspirational TV.   She has three years of Bible College courses from Kenneth Hagin Ministries and is also a graduate of Dr. Rodney Howard-Brown’s River Bible Institute in Tampa, Florida. Donna holds a Bachelors degree from the University of South Carolina, a Masters degree and Doctoral degree from Life Christian University where she has served as Director of Life Christian University
Tampa/Brandon Florida Campus.